STAINLESS steel kiosk with 8″ touchscreen weight indicator, perfect for self-service weighbridges management. Fitted with thermal printer and RFID reader. Open to CE-M type-approval.

Main Features:

  1. Satin STAINLESS steel electrical panel board, fitted with electromechanics and power supply unit for integrated devices.
  2. Protection visor for outdoor use, from sun and adverse weather conditions.
  3. 8″ high-brightness resistive touchscreen display, suitable for use with gloves and water/condensation.
  4. Completely customizable displays.
  5. Double aeration grille with built-in fan.
  6. Internal heating unit with thermostat.
  7. Choice from QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ touchscreen keyboard settings.
  8. Built-in RFID reader, with reading distance up to 30mm.
  9. Fitted with Alibi Memory.
  10. Quick display language selection.