AND AD-4328

The AD-4328 provides power and flexibility at an affordable price. Performs a wide range of applications from batching to simple weighing. It is reliable, accurate and easy to install


  1. Accumulative data is stored in memory automatically or manually
  2. Comparator output to optional relays (HI/OK/Lo)
  3. Setpoint comparison for batching applications (Near Zero/Prelim/Target/Free Fall)
  4. Powered through AC adaptor or external DC (6 to 12V) power supply
  5. Optional bi-directional RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 interfaces and BCD, relay, current loop outputs
  6. Front panel protected to IP-65
  7. Powers up to 6 load cell at 350Ω
  8. Gravity compensation function assures accurate weighing without the need for recalibration after transport