AND AD-4401


  • Input Sensitivity: Greater than 0.3µV/d
  • ZERO Adjustment Range: -0.0mV ~+20mV
  • Load Cell Excitation: 10V DC ±5% 230mA, Remote Sensing (Up to 8 load cells at 350/load cell)
  • Zero Temperature Coefficient: ±(0.2µV+0.0008% of dead load)/°C
  • Span Temperature Coefficient: 8ppm/°C of reading
  • Non-Linearity: 0.01% of full scale
  • Input Noise: ±0.3µVp-p
  • Input Impedance: 10M(Min.)
  • A/D Conversion Method: Sigma Delta
  • A/D Resolution: 1.000.000 counts(Max.)
  • A/D Conversion Rate: Approximately 100 times/second