Size (cm)54 x 32 x 2.8
Max. Capacity (kg)25
Readability (g)5
DisplayGreen-Black LED

Baby Scale MK-BS25A

Baby scale is a new product from MKCELLS with a super thin model, it is made from strong material withn  a curved design to weigh your baby up to 25kg without fear. This product has a big LCD Display with a green backlight, supports waterproof screen, and buttons, it includes measuring tape to measure your baby’s height. The MK-BS25A also gives you many choices of units to weigh your baby starting from kg – lb until oz.


  1. Plastic ABS platform
  2. Super-thin and strong platform
  3. Big Green to Black LCD display
  4. Waterproof screen and buttons
  5. Comfortable pressing buttons
  6. Maximum capacity: 25kg
  7. Division: 5g
  8. Unit conversion: Kg-Lb-OZ