Benchscale NT-15E

Newtech series bench scales that can be calibrated easily, accumulation of accurate and stable weighing results, and Price computing functions that help calculate the price of the weighed load


  1. Price computing function
  2. Power Supply: AC 230V or 110V and DC 4V or 6V (Built in rechargeable battery) scale can work when charging battery
  3. Accumulate operation (1-99 times)
  4. Work Temperature: 0° ~ 40°C
  5. Work Humidity:<85%R.H
  6. Display Window:
  7. Weight window: 6 digits
  8. Unit price window: 6 digits
  9. Total price window: 7 digits
  10. Unit Price can be: Rp 999.999,-
  11. Total price can be: Rp 9.999.999,-
  12. Accurate and super stability
  13. Easy to calibrate
  14. Bigger Stainless Steel
  15. Housing Indicator with waterproof connector
  16. Stainless Steel pole for indicator
  17. Double Front & Back LED Display
  18. 2 years warranty NEWTECH load cell
  19. Built with fence (optional)