Benchscale T18 + Tower Lamp

Sonic Bench scale T18 adopts high anti-jamming single-chip microprocessor and high precision Σ – Δ A/D
conversion technology, wildly applied in platform scale, platform balance and other weighing applications.


  1. Built in rechargeable battery
  2. Strong alloy steel construction
  3. High Quality stainless steel plate
  4. High Quality Load Cell
  5. Accumulating function
  6. Built in RS-232
  7. Auto power saving mode & auto off function
  8. Selectable weighing capacity and precision
  9. High & Low alarm function
  10. Suitable for industrial environment
  11. Overload protection load cell
  12. High bright red led display
  13. Accurate and super stability
  14. Easy to calibrate
  15. 100% Quality guarantee load cell and indicator