1. High-visibility LED display
  2. Shielded against noise (RFI, EMI)
  3. High-speed A/D conversion (200 times/sec) & high display resolution (1/10.000)
  4. Watch-dog & self-hardware test function
  5. Weight back-up function
  6. 2 external relay inputs & 3 external relay outputs
  7. Terminal block installed
  8. By using DC Power, Input power can be used in 12~24VDC regardless of polarity (300mA or over is advisable)
  9. Simple and prompt full digital calibration
  10. Equivalent input mode for calibration
  11. Variety of applications (platform scale, truck scale, checking scale, packing scale, tester etc)
  12. Option: 12 or 24 VDC adapter, RS-422/485, Analog out(V-out: 0~10V, I-out: 4~20mA)

CAS CI-1580A

Input sensitivity0.3µV/D
Zero adjustment range-0.6mV ~ + 1.5mV
Loadcell excitation voltageDC 10V (±5V)
Display5digit LED display (Letter Size: 12.7(H)x7.3(W)mm)
Display under zero point: "-" (minus sign)
A/D converting methodΔΣ
A/D internal resolution520.000 Count(19bit)
A/D conversion speed200times/sec
Non-linearity0.01% FS
PowerVDC 12~24V(200~300mA)
Operating temperature-5°C ~ +40°C
Product size (WxHxD/mm)(W) 100 X (H) 52 X (D) 125
Product weight(kg)Approx. 0.45kg
OptionRS-422/485, Analog out(I/V-out)
External relay input/output2 ea/3 ea
OptionVDC 12/24 adaptor