Applicable for various weighing applications, with the added flexibility of manually setting functions via numeric keys. With various power supply options, the CI-200A series is highly portable and ideal for environments where power outlets are not available or power outages often occur.


Load cell input voltageDC 5V
Load cell connection(350ohm)8 ea
Zero calibration0~2 mV/V
Input sensitivity0.5 V/D
A/D Internal resolution1/520,000
A/D External resolution1/10,000
A/D conversion speed80 times/sec
Battery lifeApprox. 120/33 hours
Battery charging timeApprox.12 hours(for full recharge)
Key10 numeric keys & 5 function keys
Display 6 Segment 1 inch LED
PowerDC 12V Adapter & 6V rechargeable Pb Battery, AA size dry battery x 6 (Option)
Operating Temp.-10˚C~40˚C
Dimensions (mm)206 x 92 x 139
Product weightApprox. 0.5 kg
OptionsRS-422, RS-485

Simple and prompt full digital calibrationHigh A/D conversion speed (80 times/sec)
High resolution 1/10,000Multi-calibration
Weight back-up functionWeight Comparison: Hi, Low, OK (only LCD)
Numeric keys & function keysVarious power supplies [DC adapter, Rechargeable battery or AA size dry battery x 6 (option)]
4 & 6 wire load cell support2 serial ports : Standard: 1 port, Option: 1 additional port (for PC, Printer, Remote display communication, etc)
Multi-purpose cradleInterface: Standard: RS-232C, Option: RS-422, RS-485

Pole bracketDry battery holder
1 additional serial portRemote display