CAS CI-5200A


Tare setting with ten keyRS-232C Interface
Peak-Hold function, RFI/EMI ScreenedWatch-Dog circuitry (System restoration)
Weight Back-up (saving of weight at sudden power failure)Various specification of weight conversion speed
External input: zero, start, stop, tare/printerExternal output: zero, high & low limit, completion CI-5200A

Measuring instrument testerRS-442/485 interface
scalable platformAnalog Output/BCD Output
truck scalePC Command Mode support
Single-pass automatic span calibration
RFI/EMI screened
Automatic zero tracking

Load cell input voltageDC 10V
Load cell connection (350 ohms)8 L/C
Zero calibration0.05~20mV
Input sensitivity1μV/D
A/D internal resolution1/200.000
A/D external resolution1/10,000
A/D conversion speed50times/sec
Displaydisplay typeVFD
Digits7 digits
Text size13 mm
Input function4
Output function4
PowerAC 110/220V
Operating temperature-10˚C ~ +40˚C
Dimensions (mm)195 x 192 x 96
Product weight2.5kg