High A/D conversion speed (200times/sec)High resolution 1/10,000
User-friendly interface (4.3″ Full Graphic TFT LCD)Shielded against electrical noise (RFI & EMI)
Storing 100 items' informationUSB data backup
Self-hardware test functionWeight Back-up
PC software to manage indicatorsVarious communication interfaces

Analog Out Card(V-out (0~10V)/I-out (4~20mA))RS-485 / RS-422
BCD Out CardPrinter
Remote display

Load cell applied voltageDC 5V
No. of load cell connection10 (350ohm)
Load cell input range-2.0mV/V~3.0mV/V
Input Sensitivity0.5uV/D (certification), 0.3uV/D (non-certification)
A/D Internal Degradability1/520,000
A/D External Degradability1/10,000(OIML/NTEP/KS), 1/20,000(Non approval)
A/D Conversion Speed200 time/sec
A/D Conversion MethodSigma Delta
Display Type4.3″ TFT Color LCD
Key Specification10 number keys, 9 function keys
CommunicationBasicRS-232(COM1, COM2)
OptionsRS422, RS485, Analog_out/BCD_out
External in/outInput 4/Output 6
Power usedair conditioningAC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Temperature used-10℃~40℃
Certification SpecificationOIML, CE
Product Dimension (W x D x H/mm)192.9 x 190.2 x 98.4
Product Weight (kg)1.5