1. 100 times/sec. High speed sampling
  2. High display resolution to 16.000 counts
  3. Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution
  4. Monitor & control weighing and batching with external or internal resolution
  5. Fuzzy and Automatic free fall compensation (AFFC) for consistently accurate batching results.
  6. Enter control setpoints through front keys or remotely through external thumbwheels
  7. Automatic weight and/or count accumulation
  8. Sub display provides feedback on all setpoint & simplifies calibration
  9. Supplementary flow function assures accurate performance on each batch
  10. A host of communications capabilities: RS-232C, RS-422/485, BCD, analog output and standard 4-20mA Current Loop
  11. Connect up to 10 AD-4401’s with A&D’s RS-422/485
  12. Compact DIN size housing speeds installation & reduces space
  13. Digital span calibration enhances technical support and diffcult installations
  14. Splash proof front panel and keys (IP-65)
  15. High sensitivity 0.3µV/d for more accurate measurements
  16. Automatic batching and customer programming capability
  17. Bright, clear fluorescent displays
  18. Hold and peak hold functions
  19. User programmed timer settings and alarms. Improve operational safety & performance
  20. Weigh-In and Loss-in-Weight batching