Crane Scale T18


  1. High precision
  2. Adjustable division to 1/15.000 resolution
  3. Built in RS-232
  4. Rechargeable battery 6V 3.2Ah
  5. Red LED display
  6. Buil in wireless transmitter (optional)
  7. High qualit load cell
  8. Flexible & easy maintenance
  9. Fit with stainless steel fish tray (optional)
  10. 360° movement swivel hook
  11. Up to 120% overload protection
  12. Complete with remote controller for 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg capacity
  13. Wireless external display (optional)
ModelT18 Crane Scale
Max. capacity (kg)50 100 150 300500100020003000
Readability (g)20 50 50 100500100010001000
Display digit5/6 Digits
Display typeLED
Operating temperature-10°C ~+40°C
PowerRechargeable battery 6V 3.2Ah
Dimensions (mm) without fishtray300(L)x440(H)x90(W)300(L)x450(H)x90(W)300(L)x560(H)x90(W)300(L)x580(H)x90(W)300(L)x600(H)x90(W)
Product weight (kg)2.835.96.26.8
OptionExternal display, wireless external display, stainless fish tray