Early RCA argeo

Analogue version of compression load cells, ideal for CE-M approved weighbridges, tanks, silos, etc. Manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL, IP68 protection, 4000 divisions, fitted with “rodent proof” armored cable.
CAPACITIES (kg): 30000.
OIML R60. C4 precision class.
Load cells with stainless steel body. Degree of protection IP68.
20m Armored Rodent Resistant Cable, with standard Stainless Steel Armor.
Integrated Surge Arresters as Standard
Low Profile Height of only 130mm.
Version available for ATEX environments.



  • Rated capacity (Cn): 30t
  • Combined error: ± 0.013 %Cn
  • Temperature effect on zero: 0.0014 %Cn/°C
  • Temperature effect on sensitivity: 0.0011 %Cn/°C
  • Creep error (30 min.): 0.018 %CnLEGAL METROLOGY OIML R60
  • Accuracy class: C4
  • Max. number of intervals (nmax): 4000e OIML
  • Minimum verification interval (vmin): 10000
  • Z= Emax/(2xDR): 4000ELECTRICAL
  • Nominal range of excitation voltage: 1 – 15Vdc
  • Rated output at Cn: 2mV/V
  • Zero balance: < ± 2.50%Cn
  • Input resistance: 815±20Ω
  • Output resistance: 700±0.35Ω
  • Current Adjustment: 0.1 %Cn
  • Over voltage protection: 10kA/20kV (8/20µs) – IEC61000-4/5
  • Insulation resistance: 5000MΩ/50VGENERAL
  • Service temperature range: -20 ~ +60 °C
  • Compensated temperature range: -10 ~ +40 °C
  • Safe load limit: 150% Emax
  • Ultimate overload: 300% Emax
  • Protection degree IP68
  • Load cells with stainless steel body
  • 4-core armored cable, PVC sheath, 20m length.
  • Nickel plated steel cable gland.
  • Armored Anti Rodent Cable with Stainless Steel Armor.
  • Self-centring spherical bases.
  • Equipped with anti-rotation system, to be combined with KRCA cups for proper operation.