Floorscale MK-5P

MKCELLS MK-5P is a new development indicator. The indicator isbuilt with six digit large red LED display (3cm) is easier for the operator to see the weighing result.


  1. Plastic ABS housing indicator
  2. Stainless steel platform
  3. External RS232 printer: allow single weigh, fixed printing format
  4. A new technology of this indicator is come with the USB port for save the weighing record is very useful for the company which need to keep the record of the weighing
  5. Power on, auto zero-setting range, manual zero-setting range can be set separately, zero tracing range can be set
  6. Random charging by indicator, low power indication and voltage status monitoring
  7. Double RS232 communication interface, multi communication (PC, Ex Display, Printer)
  8. Rechargeable battery in this indicator is useful for use anywhere and anytime without need to replace the battery all the time.
  9. The bracket holder of this indicator give the user more selection to mount this indicator to the wall or even to the pole with adjustable angle.
  10. This powerful indicator also suitable to use in the floor scale, animal scale, bench scale and all of the static weighing scale.
  11. Hold function
  12. Weigh-Back-up