GSC GST-9600


  • 70 times/sec conversion rate: 70 times/sec conversion speed give greater  cutoff judgement accuracy, making the GST-9600R unrivalled when very rapid sampling is required
  • 15.000 division display resolution, High 1.000.000 counts internal resolution and a 15.000 display resolution deliver precision far most demanding applications
  • RFI./EMI Screened, The analog front-end and A/D conversion circuit are shielded by an internal sealed metal case for high immunity against RFI/EMI interface and approved by CE regulations
  • Standard Double RS-232, The double RS-232 can be connected to virtually any computer, printer or other peripheral at the same time
  • 4 Set-point, The GST 9600R is suitable for hopper scale, packing scale an batcing system