GSC GST-9700

GSC GST-9700 knows what you are looking for a weighing indicator-accuracy, dependability in environments, up-to-data features for fast and trouble free use all at a Reasonable price. The new GST-9700 weighing indicator fulfill all these requirements. Build to meet or exceed CE, Canadian the U.S and other various regulations, these tough dependable indicators shall impress you with their performance and ease of handling


  1. GST-9700 can connect with 24 V rechargeable battery
  2. Standard RS-232C can be connected to virtually and computer, printer or other peripheral
  3. Standard remote display connector that can connect with GRS series
  4. Large display, GST-9700 install 5 cm height with Red LED display
  5. Capable of driving up to 8 load cells
  6. Accuracy 1/15000, 1/7500, 1/3000 and ect
  7. A/D resolution: 120.000 internal counts
  8. Power supply: 100-240 V/50-60Hz