Distance is no longer a problem

I-CON X.3 is a development from the previous version (I-CON X.2) which is an innovation in data communication. By using I-CON X.3, indicators that have serial pin out (RS-232) can be connected with various types of additional devices such as external displays, printers etc. Through radio frequency. The difference between I-CON X.3 and the previous version is the use of radio frequency as a communication medium. With this technology, indicators can connect with additional devices over long distances. I-CON X.3 is the right solution in terms of distance, for the needs of a wider range.


Applications & features

  • Indicator (CAS, Dini Argeo, Avery, Mettler Toledo, Kubota, Sartorius, etc)
  • External display
  • Printer (All type printer)
  • Etc


  • Wireless communication (radio)
  • Distant distances

ModelI-CON X.3
Input voltage± 5 VDC
Working temperaturre5°C - 50°C
Transmitter powerUp to 4 dBm
Receiver power-80 dBm
Maximum distance± 100 meters (loss condition)
Use radio frequency