Wifi Integration

I-CON X.4 is the development of several previous series which is a new innovation in the field of data communication. By using I-CON X.4, the indicator can be connected to various types of devices such as external displays, printers, wirelessly using Wifi. The difference between I-CON X.4 and the previous version is that it supports Wifi. With this technology, indicators can be integrated with many external devices such as smartphones, laptops, printers, etc. That already support Wifi simultaneously I-CON X.4 is a smart and practical solution for being able to operate several devices in one command.

  • Can be applied to more than 1 indicator simultaneously
  • More than 1 printer connection
  • More than 1 PC connection


Physical Specification

  • Color box : Dark Green (Client) and Black (Host)
  • Material : Plastic
  • Dimensions (mm) : 70 (P) x 55(L) x 25 (T)
  • Weight (gr) : 60

Main Feature

  • Using Wifi technology so that the indicator can be integrated with smartphones and other devices that already support wifi technology


  • Data communication between indicators with various types of devices, with the support of wifi technology for integration with smartphones and other devices that already support Wifi

Application & Features

  • Indicators (CAS, Dini Argeo, Avery, Mettler Toledo, Kubota, Sartorius, etc)
  • Smartphones (Android & iPhone)
  • PC / Laptop
  • Printers (all types of printers)
  • Optional: Wifi Printer
  • etc


  • 1 I-CON X.4 (Host)
  • 1 I-CON X.4 (Client)
  • 1 Router
  • Software Apps


  • Wireless communication (Wifi)
  • Can be connected with devices that support Wifi (ex ; laptop, android, iPhone, Wifi printer, etc)


  • Model type : I-CON X.4
  • Input voltage : ± 5 Vdc
  • Working temperature : 5° C – 50° C
  • Frequency : 2.4 GHx – 22.5 Ghz
  • Wifi : IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
  • Maximum distance : ± 100 meters (without obstacles)
  • Bandwidth : 10Mbps
  • Communication : IP Address