iDimension Rice Lake

Global Partnerships Lead to Measures of Success, An Indonesian software company boosted accuracy and efficiency for their shipping process by integrating an iDimension Plus dimensioner and Dini Argeo DFWL bench Scale

There’s no escoping it-dimensional weight, or dim weight, has become essential to shipping and logistics operations around the world. It is more important than ever to find dimensioning systems that’s accurate, efficient, user-friendly and easy to integrate with existing processes. In addition to these features, finding a manufacturer to partner with who will provide long-term support for dimensioning solution can feel impossible

In Alam Sutera, West Java, Indonesia a software company needed a solution that would allow them to quickly and accurately capture volume and weight. Their software is loaded into USB drives which are packaged and shipped to users. Measuring these packages by hand is time-consuming and can be inaccurate, especially when working with irregulary shaped packages. Shipping cost are determined by comparing a package’s dim weight to its actual weight and using the larger number. If an incorrect dim weight is used to determine shipping charges, carriers can fine companies for incorrect shipping charges