IS-DLP-110 Series Label Printer

IS-DLP-110 series is a label printing machine or a receipt from the development of the previous IS-DLP-50 series in terms of size. With a larger printer size, the IS-DLP-110 is capable of printing up to 108mm (max size). The IS-DLP-110 series is equipped with the Bluetooth feature (IS-DLP-110B) and supports text and barcode printing. With the IS-DLP-110 series software, label formats can be done via WINDOWS, LINUX, IOS, ANDROID, MACOS. There are different types of fonts and sizes and can be rotated as desired. The IS-DLP-110 series has a print density of 203dpi.

  • Easy Usage
  • Custom Design Label
  • Software Design Label Easy to Use
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Wider Label Paper



  • Connected to many indicators (CAS, Dini Argeo, MK-Cells, Vibra, Fujitsu, etc)
  • Print a QR Code and Barcode
  • Variable settings are more flexible
  • The paper size is wider
  • Mobile (Bluetooth)


  • Connected with indicators and scales such as CAS, Dini Argeo, MK-Cells, Vibra, Fujitsu, etc
  • There are additional print QR Codes and Barcodes
  • Easy paper installation
  • Power cable without adapter (can be directly connected to AC power)
  • Label design can be made by the user with easy-to-use software
  • Display software for label printer formats is easy to use
  • Setting baudrate can be done in software
  • Communication with Bluetooth (optional)


Communication InterfaceSerial Port (RS-232), USB PortSerial Port (RS-232), USB Port, Bluetooth
Printing modeThermal Printing
Roll Size4 inches (no more than 108mm)
Life of TPH100 km
Power SupplyBuilt-in
Voltage Input100 - 240 V
Dimension (cm)20 (L) x 17.5 (W) x 13 (H)
Dimension (cm)1.54