IS-DLP-50 Label Printer

IS-DLP-50 is a label printing machine that has many new features among printer label machines. This IS-DLP-50 can connect with many indicators so that users can connect with existing indicators. In addition, this product also supports the QR Code print feature on the printer label. With this QR Code, we can scan the QR Code to monitor the serial number. The variable label printer format settings in the IS-DLP-50 software are also easier to use by users. So that users can set the printer label format themselves as desired.



  • Connect to many indicators (CAS, Dini Argeo, MK-Cells, Vibra, Fujitsu, etc)
  • Print QR Code
  • Variable settings are more flexible


  • Connected with indicators and scales such as CAS, Dini Argeo, MK-Cells, Vibra, Fujitsu, etc
  • There is an additional QR Code print
  • Easy installation of paper
  • Power cord without adapter (can be directly connected to AC power)
  • Display software for printer label formats is easy to use
  • Baud rate settings can be done in software
  • Affordable prices


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