Jembatan Timbang Otomatis (Full Automation Weighbridge)



  • Face Recognition: Detect driver’s identity based on the face

  • I CON X Series: Allows You to connect built-in weighbridge software without having to buy new software, connect to Android via Bluetooth and external display without having to use cables

Jembatan Timbang Otomatis (Full Automation Weighbridge)

Full Automation Weighbridge System is a weighbridge system that able to operate by sytem without human resource and also it can be fully operated by the driver. Using a “User Friendly Interface”, reducing operating costs and high efficiency for the entire process.
This allows your weighbridge to operate 24 hours a day,
and weighing data will automatically be stored in the system (Computer / Server).


  • Unmanned Weighbridge Software
  • Software for registration of RFID cards. RFID
  • RFID cards allow driver data to be retrieved quickly, Exit & Entry Barrier Gate for security and regulating vehicle traffic.
    safely and without errors.
  • Increased security equipped with a Barrier Gate, traffic lights, cameras.
  • Infrared sensor to detect vehicles automaticall
  • Truck Plate Recognition to detect vehicle plate numbers
  • Traffic Lights for safe operation.
  • Exit & Entry Barrier Gate for security and regulating vehicle traffic.
  • Surveillance Cameras to improve security
  • Can be integrated with existing weigh stations and software,
    without having to change user operational flow.


  • No need for an operator in the weighbridge control room.
  • Reduces labor and saves operating costsstations
  • Fast weighing process for weighwith high working hours
  • Automatic identification of the driver, number plate, name of the supplier
    / customer company using the RFID
  • RFID card. The same card is used by the driver to weigh in and out.
  • The results of weighing data can be stored in the cloud so that it is possible
    to know the reports in real time without having to go to the field.
  • Eliminate data input errors, multiple data inputs, the potential for operator fraud.
  1. Barrier Gate
    Prevent more than one vehicle drive into the weighbridge
  2. Vehicle Position Censors
    Infrared censors ensure that only one vehicle is on the Weighbridge and positioned precisely
  3. Truck Plate Recognition
    To detect the vehicle plate number
  4. Control Room
    a. No operator required
    b. Server storage of weighing results (It can also connected to the cloud server)
    c. Automatic ticket print results
    d. Identification of license plates
    e. Drivers identity is automatically detected
  5. RFID Reader & Face Recognition
    For Identification driver use RFID card to registry & face detection
  6. External Display
    To perform results on Red-LED screen so driver can see the amount of weighing
  7. Speaker
    To provide intructions to the driver based on voice
  8. Traffic Lights
    Lights work in conjunction with barrier to regulate traffic flow over the Weighbridge