• Capacity: 5t to 50t
  • Steel ball loading, strong restoration ability
  • Easy complete installation, high weighing accuracy
  • OIML C3 certificate
  • Alloy Steel


  • truck scale
  • Railway scale
  • Blending scale and all kinds of weighing apparatus

Rated capacity: 5ton to 50tonOperating temperature range: -30 to + 70°C
Rated output: 2.0±0.002mv/vMaximum safe overload: 150% OF RC
Combined error: ±0.03%FSUltimate safe overload: 200% OF RC
Non-repeatability: ±0.02%FSRecommended Excitation: 10 to 12V DC
Non-linearity: ±0.02%FSMaximum Excitation: 15V DC
Hysteresis error: ±0.02%FSEnvironment protection: IP68
Zero balance: ±1&F.SInput impedance: 750±10Ω
Creep error(30 minutes): ±0.02%FSOutput impedance: 702±3Ω; 703±5Ω(cable 15m)
Temperature effect on zero: ±0.02%FSInsulation resistance at 50V DC: 5000MΩ
Temperature effect on output: ±0.02%FSMaterial: nickel-plated alloy steel;
Compensated temperature range: -10 to + 40°CCable length: 5.2 meters(5t); 8meter(10t); 10meter(15t); 10/12meter(20t); 12/16meter(25t-50t), diameter 6mm

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