LTF: weighing forks for FEM2A, FEM2B or FEM3A plates
Simple to install and use; maintain unaltered the capacity and safety of the lift truck Backlit display, easily visible also during handling manouevres Multifunction weight indicator, easily manouevrable through remote control (Basic version) or keypad (Professional version) Wide range of accessories and interfaces

Technical Features:

  1. Weight indicator attached to the forks, IP65 STAINLESS steel case, waterproof keypad, LCD 25mm 5-digit display. (“Basic” model). Power supply through 4 AA batteries, with fitted extractable drawer
  2. Weight indicator in cab, with numerical/functional keypad, backlit display and rechargeable battery (“Professional” model)
  3. Structure in oven-fire painted sturdy steel
  4. Weight of each fork: 75 kg (LTF25) and 90 kg (LTF50)
  5. Functioning with 4 shear-beam IP67 load cells
  6. Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of the capacity
  7. Max. horizontal inclination (flexibility): +/- 2° with the same accuracy features
  8. Autonomy of up to about 80 hours in the “Basic” version and 40 in the “Professional” version
  9. Programmable automatic switch-off