Analytical Balance MK-AB224

MK-AB224 is a kind of powerful system, excellent performance analytical balance. Explore and optimize the traditional sensor’s technology deeply with using accumulated professional experience for years. For innovation, we improve the development platform, using sophisticated control technology and relevant software to breakthrough the new generation of monolithic sensor technology. This monolithic sensor technology’s features are fast weighing response, high durability, continuous coherence, compatible of sensitivity and stability.



  • 5″Touch-screen operation
  • Super monoblock sensor
  • Capacity progress bar
  • Automatic dual range / Dual weighing precision
  • Customized dual intelligent internal calibration function
  • Seven level anti-vibration adjustable function
  • Weighing stableness time adjustable
  • 20 shield units: g, mg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, Gn, dwt…
  • Customized weighing two units
  • Default weighing mode automatically
  • Time and date settings
  • With display temperature
  • Variable short-cut key promote ease of use
  • Measurements readable on PC with installed software
  • Fit with USB/RS232 line
  • With under hook
  • Optional with wireless communication function

Application Mode

  • Percentage weighing function
  • Density weighing
  • Dynamic weighing function
  • Selectable weighing and count mode
  • Pricing function
  • High-low weighing function
  • Gross/Tare/Net weight weighing function
  • Peak holding function
  • Accumulate function


Weighing range (g)220/320
Readability (mg)0.1/1
Repeatability (mg)±0.1 / ±1
Linearity (mg)±0.2 / ±2
Surroundings (°C)18 - 23
Pan size (mm)90
Housing size (LxWxH) (mm)345 x 223 x 331
Warm-up time (minutes)60 - 90