MKCELLS vending machine features a larger 21.5 inch HD touchscreen with full-moon video aracts and engages consumers, as well as places ads to generate adversing revenue. Moreover, it supports various payment methods such as GoPay, ShopeePay, OVO, QRIS, etc. and can be customized, the machine base and scker can also be customized to meet your special needs. Become your 24h e-thing mini-shop! intelligent micro market vending machine with 21.5 inch touch screen.


  1. All Steel Fuselage ( 1.5mm thickened steel plate )
  2. Luxury Windows ( Double toughened glass )
  3. LED Lighting ( Energy – saving LED lamp belt )
  4. 21.5 Inches Touch Screen ( Support software split screen and shopping program )
  5. Large Storage Space ( 140 Kinds )
  6. Direct Push Slot ( Can sell heterosexual packaged goods )
  7. Lift Intellegent Positioning ( XY axis intellegent scanning positioning )
  8. Basket Type Mechanical Pick – Up ( Smooth shipment to ensure that the goods are in good condition )
  9. Anti – Pinch Automatic Door ( Do not bend over to pick up the light tips )