The panel mounted weighing indicator offers exceptional reliability, advanced filtering and tested ability to perform stably under interference of severe industrial environments. With over 100,000 products being in use and negligible repair rate, it is customized for dynamic weighing systems with the highest demand for reliability, response speed and accuracy.

Power source voltageDC24V ± 5%
Power consumptionApprox. 10W
Temperature and humidity-10°Cto40°C/90%R.Horless(Connectionmustbeavoided)
Dimensions110 x 89 x 60 mm (LxWxH)
WeightApprox. 350g
Panel cut dimensions93 x 46mm
Dust/water protectionThe IP 65 display when mounted into a panel
EndosureABS front panel, aluminum case

MK D18+

A/D conversion method24-bit Delta-Sigma modulation
Zero adjustment range0 to 12mV (Load cell 3mV/V)
Maximum input voltage0 to 15mV (Load cell 3mV/V)
Minimum sensitivity0.1 µ V/d
Input impedance10MΩ
Samping rate15/30/60/120/480/960 SPS
Display resolution1/100.000
Load cell excitationDC5V,200Ma(Max), Up to 8 load cells(350Ω)can be connected
Display elements7-segment 6-digit red LED
Data display range0 to 999,999d
Status indicatorsZERO, STAB, HOLD
Serial interfaceStandard RS-232/RS485 interface
Analog outputVoltage/Current (±10V + 4-20mA)
EthernetModbus TCP