MKCells MK-CC6


Rated capacities (Emax)10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400tTemperature, compensated-10°C ~ + 40°C
Rated output2.0 ± 0.002mV/VTemperature, operating-30°C ~ +70°C
Total errors±0.03% FS(10-60t), ±0.05% FS(70-100t), ±0.1% FS(150-400t)Maximum safe overload150% FS
Creep error (30 min)±0.03% FSUltimate overload200% FS
Zero balance±1% FSExcitation, recommended10~12V DC
Tc zero±0.02% FS/10°CExcitation, maximum15V DC
Tc span±0.02% FS/10°CProtection class1P68
Input resistance400±20WConstructionAlloy steel
Output resistance 352±3W, 352±5W(L 15m)CableLength : 8m(10t), 12m(20t), 14m(30t), 16m(50-150t), 20m(200-400t)
Insulation resistance5000MWDiameter : 6mm(10t), 8mm(20-400t)

High capacity and heavy duty load cellsConstructed of high quality alloy and stainless steel and laser welded, providing excellent protection against water, moisture and corrosion attack
High precision, reliability and super stability with popular shape5 core high quality orange cable
For truck scale, measuring testing machine