Floorscale MK-Di02

MKCells MK-Di02 Digital weighing indicator can be used with 1 – 4 SLB-D or digital load cell. It has the function of accumulation and unit switch over and applies to small platform scale, weighbridge and farmers scale.



  • Plastic housing
  • Support regular shutdown, random code decryption function
  • Auto networking and auto- auto-creating weighing scale system
  • Power on, auto zero-setting range, manual zero-setting range can be set separately, zero tracing range can be set
  • RS-232 communication interface, multi communication protocol
  • Digital load cell SN checking, overload record checking function
  • Calibration switch code
  • Input password before calibration and adjusting
  • Automatic and manual corner-difference adjustment
  • Random charging by indicator
  • Encryption function is available while load cell and indicator is communicating
  • Equipped with EMC protection

Digital load cell interfaceRS-485, max transmission distance ≤ 75m
Transmission speed rate19200 bps
Digital load cell power supplyDC 12V/750mA
Digital load cell connection quantity1 ~ 4 pcs
Digital load cell communication protocolMK-SLB-D protocol
Display6 LED digital tube with 1.2 inch red light, 7 state instruction
Serial communication interfaceRS-232, 600 ~ 19200 bps optional
Indicator power supplyAC : Switch power supply 110V ~ 200V/AC, 50Hz
Operating temperature0°C ~ 40°C Humidity : £ 85% (RH)
Storage temperature-10°C ~ 60°C Storage Humidity : £ 95% (RH)

Platform SizeCapacityReadability
1000 x 1000mm500kg0.2kg
1000 x 1000mm1000kg0.5kg
1200 x 1200mm500kg0.2kg
1200 x 1200mm1000kg0.5kg
1200 x 1200mm2000kg1kg
1200 x 1500mm2000kg1kg
1200 x 1500mm3000kg1kg
1500 x 1500mm1000kg0.5kg
1500 x 1500mm2000kg1kg
1500 x 1500mm3000kg1kg
1500 x 1500mm5000kg2kg
1500 x 2000mm1000kg0.5kg
1500 x 2000mm2000kg1kg
1500 x 2000mm3000kg1kg
1500 x 2000mm5000kg2kg
2000 x 2000mm1000kg0.5kg
2000 x 2000mm2000kg1kg
2000 x 2000mm3000kg1kg
2000 x 2000mm5000kg2kg
2000 x 3000mm2000kg1kg
2000 x 3000mm3000kg1kg
2000 x 3000mm5000kg2kg