MKCells MK-E83


  1. Instrument size:
    1. 220x105x50mm handheld size with LCD display
    2. Portable
    3. Wireless double-sided communication (can tare, zero, calibration and parameter setting)
    4. 5 digits LCD display with backlight
    5. Digit height: 25mm
    6. Many function on instrument keyboard
    7. Such as tare, zero, peak, filter setting, gravity regulation
  2. Calibration:
    1. Keyboard calibration and parameter setting
    2. Simple operation
  3. Battery:
    1. 4pcs AA size alkaline batteries
    2. 50 hours radio continuous using
  4. Set point:
    1. One user programmable set-point can be used for safety and warning applications of for limit weighing