PT LPX A most popular general-purpose compression load cell. PT’s unique design means that the whole upper section is turned in a continuous process leaving the cell with an impervious upper section. All electronics components are housed through the bottom of the load cell, which is then, protected to IP67, further mechanical protection results simply by bolting to a flat surface. Suitable for tanks, hoppers, silo work and all industrial-weighing projects, the LPX is finished in a corrosion resistant electroless nickel plate, perfect for hostile environments. The LPX is available in 11 different capacities from 25kg to 50,000kg. A true mini disk at 22mm high in the 25kg model and only 55mm in the 50,000kg model. When fitted to our purpose designed LPXR restraining mounting kits, it’s the ultimate “set and forget” load cell weighing system.


Low profile platformsMiniature compression type
Hoppers & tank weighingReplaces similiar low cost models
Process weighingRugged tool steel construction (25 & 50kg aluminium)
Hostile environmentsDesigned for economical weighing
Industrial weighingCorrosion resistent electroless nickel plated
Mini disk applicationsStandard compression mount available
Simple installation
3 year warranty
Sealed to IP67 standards
ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities

Nominal Capacity25kg ~ 50000kg
Nominal Output at Capacity2.0mV/V ± 0.1%
Factory Calibration Mode0.01%
Zero Return, Creep (30 min)0.07%
Temperature Effect on Span/10C0.01%
Temperature Effect on Zero/10C0.07%
Compensated Temperature Range-10 ~ 50°C
Operating Temperature Range-30 ~ 70°C
Input Resistance410Φ nominal
Output Resistance351Φ nominal
Service Load100% of capacity
Safe Load150% of capacity
Mechanical Failure> 300% of capacity
Recommended Excitation5V ~ 20 V AC/DC
Maximum Excitation25 V DC
Cable Type4 or 6 conductor screened
Cable Length25kg – 2.5t (3 metre 4 core), 5t – 10t (5 metre 6 core), 25t – 50t (10 metre 6 core)
Environmental ProtectionIP67 standart

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