The indicator provides an accurate, fast and versatile series of general purpose weighing indicators with counting, check-weighing, animal weighing function and preset tare.


  1. Power Supply: 220~240V AC (110V optional) 50/60Hz, Built in rechargeable battery, 6V1 3AH
  2. Display: 6 digits LED
  3. Max. Input: 15mV
  4. ADC: Σ-Δ
  5. External resolution: 1/40000
  6. Interface: RS-232 Output
  7. Stabilization time: 1 second typical
  8. Operating temperature: 0°C-50°C / 32°F – 104°F
  9. Load cell drive voltage: 5V/max. 150mA
  10. Other function: Real-time clock and unit conversion
  11. Load cells: Up to eight 350 ohms cells