T18 Bench + Tower Lamp

Sonic Bench scale T18 adopts high anti-jamming single-chip microprocessor and high precision Σ – Δ A/D
conversion technology, wildly applied in platform scale, platform balance and other weighing applications.



  • • Built in rechargeable battery
    • Strong alloy steel construction
    • High Quality stainless steel plate
    • High Quality Load Cell
    • Accumulating function
    • Built in RS-232
    • Auto power saving mode & auto off function
    • Selectable weighing capacity and precision
    • High & Low alarm function
    • Suitable for industrial environment
    • Overload protection load cell
    • High bright red led display
    • Accurate and super stability
    • Easy to calibrate
    • 100% Quality guarantee load cell and indicator


ModelBench scale T18 + Tower Lamp
Platter size (cm)30X4040X5050X60
Mak. Capacity (kg)30, 60, 10060, 150, 250100-500
Readability (g)2, 5, 105, 10, 2020
DisplayRed LED
Rechargeable Battery6V 4Ah

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